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Closing the Circles

You are part of a continuum of evolution that sometimes in polarity turns into evilusion, evil illusion, instead of evolution. A life of evilusion indicates that you open more circles than you close because your life is driven by fear. This means that you need to come back to Earth to close those circles. You close the circles only by evolving, by learning your lessons.

Life is about lessons, it is about learning. By learning you are able to over-stand and step beyond that particular learning lesson. When you learn, you change. When you change, your vibration changes. When your vibration changes, you stop inviting certain types of learning possibilities into your life. There is no reason to repeat the same lessons over and over again. Once you gain the wisdom over a lesson to learn, you may invite the lesson one more time into your life just to test your mastery of the subject, but only if you so wish.

Quite often you have your most demanding challenges with your family, Mother, Father and your Siblings with whom you have the opportunity to open and close a number of circles. Quite often, you have a major lesson to learn with one of your parents. Your significant relationships, your “friends” and “enemies”, are also portraying you exactly what you need, exactly when you need it. These people are tied into your life through a bond of family, work, interests, or neighborhood. You cannot get rid of them easily, especially the members of your family. Therefore, they provide you with a secure base for learning. Every one of them is there to help you, and many of them are there to be assisted by you in their own evolution.

Your common task is to close circles related to lessons to learn, to find a still point between polarities, a point of balance where all emotional loads can be released. Closing circles means overcoming physical, emotional, intellectual or spiritual imbalance. It means balancing any and all patterns related to situations that ever caused you imbalance, be they ignited by you or reflected to you from the outside. A severe illness can a strong sign of a circle awaiting for a closure, apart from being preparation for the Portal of Death after the completion of defined lessons to learn. You can overcome any illness, if you are able to balance yourself and recovery is meant to be to allow you to proceed according to your Soul Plan.

Children, especially your own, are extremely important messengers to you. In their first evolution cycles they quite clearly show you what your development areas are. They will deliver you the message, no matter how painful it may feel for you, because they Love you so much. In their younger years, they are incapable of lying which is an acquired ability and comes with adjustment to polarity. In their first years Children are able to see things as they are and express true emotions. You can learn much from a Child by just listening to him or her. When they make you emote, study the reasons. Children bring you closer to reality in many ways.

If you have Children and you do not succeed in closing some circle during your lifetime, you sometimes pass it on to your Children to close. Your Children follow the life patterns that you have taught and shown them, unless they are able to close the circle and choose differently. A Child raised in a Family where there is, for example, an alcoholic, will either become an alcoholic or find a spouse who is an alcoholic, to close the circle of either parent. If the Child has already earlier found balance without guilt or blame, there is no need for the Child to engage in a relationship involving problems with alcohol. When the Truth is found and the circle is closed, uncertainty and fear are replaced with Faith and Trust.

Finding a reference in history, Abraham was ready to sacrifice his Son to prove me his Faith. In his Heart he knew that he had already learned his lesson. He only needed to Trust his own Faith, and so he did when it was time to test it according to his Soul Plan. His Son was never in danger because of his Father’s Faith. Abraham had closed his circle of Faith, therefore in his Heart he knew both he and his Son were safe.

You are my Sons and Daughters. Through your DNA that is currently going through transformation, each and every one of you is the successor of the original Child and carry the Seed of Allowing Love brought to you by many of the Light Bringers that I have sent to Earth throughout times. Through your Heart you gain access to all the knowledge already gathered by all Souls. When you close a circle in your life, be it big or small, it will benefit every individual through the group consciousness.

Look around you. Become aware of your pain when it rises in you within a moment. Go into the pain. Look into its eyes. Know it. You will see that all the pain, all the suffering as well as all the Love has been created by yourself. You are the pain, the suffering and also the Love. They are your eyes that stare back at you from the pain. You gave birth to the pain and you keep it alive by holding on to it. Now, you can focus your effort on finding the Truth, Allowing it with Love and freeing yourself from the pain involved.

Everything goes in circles and moves in phases, you included. Imagine that you are a toothed wheel rotating and connecting to another toothed wheel for a lesson to learn. Grasp the moment when it awakens a deep feeling within you. Look deep into yourself. See what the lesson is that you have brought into your life. You have brought that lesson into your life and it is only you who can close the circle and release yourself by changing yourself. Over-stand what it is that you need to learn from the experience, learn and let go.

I know that these words seem easy but feel difficult. However, somewhere deep inside of you, in your Heart, you already know. Just do your best to learn, over-stand and balance yourself, and come back to what you were before you entered the Earth experience. I promise you, you will be happy that you had all your experiences, no matter how you might feel about them right now.

There is no good and there is no bad. Do not be afraid of living and dying. Live your experience on Earth fully and make use of the learning opportunities that it offers, to reach ever higher levels of existence. Trust yourself. You are the One.


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