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Soul Families

Just as you experience families in your lives on the Earth, you experience families at the Soul level. Quite often you are accompanied in your physical life with one or several members of your Soul Family. These members might be actual members of your physical family or friends that may feel even closer to you than your actual family members. A Soul Family member will not take a role of "enemy" in physical life but can occasionally reflect you something “unpleasant” as a mirror to assist you master yourself.

Ultimately, there are only two great Soul Families on Earth acting as forces and counter forces. You can label them any way you wish: 1 and 0, negative and positive, providers and takers, yin and yang, Light and Darkness, oranges and apples, whatever you choose. The idea is that until balance is reached in polarity, every Fe-Man works on either side. A force always needs a counter-force for balance to become possible. A Fe-Man can change sides during the Soul’s evolution but the two Families remain until polarity is overcome.

Like Souls, Soul Families can make contracts with each other, and most often their roles are “friends” and "enemies" as seen on Earth. Even a war can take place. For a Soul Family, a war offers the ultimate experience and test of values because Death is present. A war, when viewed from the Soul's perspective, gives the maximum of experience in the minimum of time. This is yet another element that polarity introduced in the Plan of Earth that aimed at building a lasting Paradise.

When you meet a member of your Soul Family, you feel like you already know this person. There is seldom need for heated discussions except maybe for enjoyable debate's sake because of your mutual Allowing Love that has been built during many life times and the establishing of common values. Every encounter at the physical plane makes your connection stronger.

With your Soul Family member, the connection can be so close that you can communicate without words, sensing what the other is feeling and responding accordingly. As regards the other Soul family members, you will most often encounter your life challenges with them, in a parent-child relationship, as a couple, or in a demanding friendship. You intuitively Love the members of your own Soul family without reservations, whereas the members of the other Soul family you Love with reservations.

Quite often, you switch roles with each other from one life time to another. In one, you may be the Child and your learning partner is your Parent, in another life, the roles may be reversed. In yet another life you may experience life as Siblings. You can also switch gender from one life to another, to master both your feminine and masculine sides, Yin and Yang, although it is not a requirement, because you can create this balance in your relationship with your Soul Love.

It is quite possible to meet with your Soul Love on Earth, a Soul who is part of your Soul family, with whom you have agreed to share several life times together experiencing and developing mutual Love and balance. Many Souls have several Soul Loves, whereas some Souls prefer cultivating Love and balance with only one Soul Love.

Most often you find your Soul Love after you have experienced one or several challenging relationships with others and learned some lessons there. After the lessons, you allow yourself the reward of mature, joyful, trusting Soul Love that does not bind but Allows the other be as they are and Loves without conditions. Depending on your Soul Plan, you may meet each other very early in life, face the agreed lessons together, and support each other every step of your journey. The ultimate lesson, where you end your separation with me, you take alone.

Life is not solely an experience of pain. In the original Plan pain did not exist. As difficult as it may be for you to over-stand, for example the pain that Mother’s feel when giving birth are a result of separation, the “original sin”. Separation from me is reflected by the pain Mother experiences when separating from the Child. It is unfortunate that women have been blamed for the “original sin”. Blame itself is a further demonstration of polarity itself.

Polarity and Fe-Man's strong adjustment to Earth's vibration introduced quite many new challenges and opportunities to the Earth’s Plan. With your Soul Family members, you feel less pain because the vibration of Allowing Love is high. When you look at the people around you after your younger years, especially in the middle age, you may notice that you still feel very close to some people who came to your life when you were young, whereas some relationships have simply faded away after they fulfilled whatever was assigned for them in your Soul Plan.

Your Soul Family members form the long-term basis of your relationships. The members of the other Soul Family are visitors in your life; they come and go when their work with you is finished.

In the beginning, man and woman were to become a unity that no other Fe-Man should separate. The statement is still valid even if it is difficult to over-stand in the current times when so many couples are separating. You choose the lessons to learn and agree with whom you take them. It is you who makes the Plan and you only are responsible for it. This means that no other Soul can make or break your relationships uninvited. The unity of a couple can only be broken from the inside.

Do not judge yourself or others if paths depart. If the parting is painful, allow yourself time to heal. Love stays with you regardless of your relationships. Love is the Light that shines from your Heart constantly when you learn to master it. When you over-stand this, you will have learned a valuable lesson. You will have closed the circle of loneliness.

The relationships within Soul Families are strong. They do not waver in the storm of time. In Soul Family relationships you always feel at home in your Heart.


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