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"Friends" and "Enemies"

In reality, there are no "enemies", only "friends". Reach beyond your physical limitations. Look at yourself as you would as Soul and see the your life without the polarity of good and bad. Good and bad as well as friends and enemies only exist in Earth’s polarity. In reality, all are friends. We are all One, so how could you be an enemy to yourself?

At the Soul level, planning of lessons to learn on Earth is intricate, just like planning the evolution of new world, only the scope is narrower. Even with the narrower scope, everything is interrelated and all causes have an effect.

As a Fe-man, you carry the history of Fe-Mankind’s evolution in your DNA. Your physical body is constructed of the ingredients of the Earth, therefore you also are the Earth. Your brain shows the evolution of thinking through the activation of various brain areas and the map of connections. Your language reflects the evolution in your cultural group consciousness.

Your vibration and frequency show your evolution as a spiritual being. This can already be measured by technology which will one day be able to verify many of the ancient truths through numbers that themselves are vibrations. This may require establishing a “master science” that crosses borders between existing sciences and allows many new “metaphysical” approaches to be included. Yet, you do not need scientific metrics to know the Truth because the Truth is already in your Heart.

You need other Souls as my Sons and Daughters to assist you in your quest for Truth through the lessons to learn. You make the individual Soul Plans together, agreeing the parts you play in each lesson to learn. Regardless of your free will as a Fe-Man, you will encounter these lessons to learn, whichever roads you choose to travel, unless you consciously break your Soul contract and decide, for example, to end your life experience before it was scheduled to take place. If you break the contract that you originally made with yourself, it means that you come back to Earth to re-take those lessons.

The lessons are unavoidable because they are required for the evolution of you as Soul. If you do not face all that you can be, learn to choose higher alternatives and evolve to higher vibration in the process, you remain in a vibration concordant with your current knowledge. To put it in other words: if your aim is to mould a jug of clay that can hold water and you do not prepare it properly, the jug may soon leak or it may break easily. If you take the time to make sure that all parts of the jug are strong and then you burn it in an oven to dry it, making it even stronger, the water will remain inside. You are the jug. The maker is your Soul. Water inside represents your next step of evolution. If you are not ready, there is little point in pouring in the water. First, you have to become what your Soul Plan requires, to become the true you, to be able to evolve beyond the Plan, to become more.

Your evolution as Fe-Man, as the Earthly existence of your Soul, is a foundation for my evolution as God. If you do not evolve, I do not evolve. Your life is very important, as is the life of every Son and Daughter of mine. You and I are inseparable.

Sometimes the Soul Plan for one life time can be very demanding with new lessons to learn and re-testing the ones already mastered, and all this taking place in a tight schedule to allow the Soul, you, to experience more. Breaking the contract as the Fe-Man executing your own plan is not "wrong", in reality it means moving the lessons to learn on to your next life or spread over several lives. Whether or not you realize it, you are helped by many others throughout your lessons: your Soul, Ang-els and me as well as all the people close to you in your life, even the Nature.

Your lessons may start very early on in your life. Maybe you have chosen to conquer the fear of being abandoned, being left alone. You may have, for example, made an agreement with your parents to come into their lives at the point when they have already learned the lessons in their Soul Plans, and soon they leave you through the Portal of Death to re-unite with their Souls again. This will allow you the opportunity to work on your lesson from childhood onwards. Or, you may have agreed to learn this lesson through an agreement with your spouse. Suddenly you find yourself alone, hurting, feeling abandoned. This is a learning opportunity for you. All the events that you call “crises” in your life, and notice that they can also be positive ones, are key learning points.

If you choose not to go through a lesson when it comes into your life, it will come back to you again and again, until you are able to close the circle, having learned the lesson. An example could be a couple where one spouse is drinking, using drugs, abusing the other or having outside affairs, forcing the other one to deal with the situation through the experience. If the couple decides to get separated before the experience is mastered even at the most basic level, it is likely that the same situation comes back into one’s life until a solution is found and learning takes place. The solutions are unique to the cases; there is no answer beyond the people involved. If they can later look at the experience, Allow that it happened, Bless it with Forgiveness and Free everyone involved with Love, themselves included, they will very likely have learned their lesson. Once you learn a lesson, you become free from it.

Some people come into your life to mirror your values, giving you a chance to define what you truly respect, or what you would like to change in yourself. They may show you traits that raise deep feelings within you, and you wonder why. Sometimes you may feel irritated even by the sight of a person and avoid him or her without a rational reason, just knowing that you do not feel good in their presence.

If you start analyzing these situations, words and expressions used, together with the vibrations that they arouse in you, you may realize and learn something about yourself. Every person in your life is a mirror to you, most often unknowingly. Even your "friend" may say something that hurts you deep inside although it was not their intention; it was the choice of certain words that triggered an emotion in you, to allow you to study yourself, to become a master of yourself.

Even when you feel totally alone, you are part of everything. When you feel deserted or hated, the whole universe is with you, Loving you. When you are sleeping and dealing with your fears in sleepwork, Ang-els are staying right with you all the time, Loving you without conditions. Your "friends" and "enemies" are all your friends, helping you in many ways in becoming your true self.

Realizing this, you may start enjoying your learning journey in a totally new way, as you become a spectator as well as a player. No matter what happens around you and to you, you can Allow it, embrace it with Love and feel deep Joy in experiencing the Earth right here and right now, just as you planned as Soul.

A challenge is always an opportunity. When you over-stand this, you can consciously start practicing the mastery of life and evolve into ever higher you.


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