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  • Rachel and Ringangel  ( 19 Articles )

    Rachel and Ringangel is a book written for children. It is offered free of charge for the children of the world, either young by age or young at heart.

    If you like the story, please say a small prayer on behalf of the author and her family or send a warm thought. Feel also free to link to this page to spread the message.

    With Blessings,
    Asta Tuominen
    author and full copyrights owner

    Images copyright © Johanna Jääskö www.patinanlahjapaja.fi

  • The Book of Earth  ( 56 Articles )

    I started channeling the Book of Earth from Elohim in 2003. I sent it to a publisher but was discouraged because it was returned. I forgot the book. Today I woke up as a new person, as something that I was not last night. You can read about the path from the Luxonia channelings.

    I realized that I had to live through the contents of the book.

    The Book of Earth was written for this time, not the time years ago.
    The Book of Earth is my path.
    Maybe it helps you on yours.

    Asta Tuominen