Jul 29 2020 - Keys of Enoch


Channeled by Mari Metaronica (elvisavislivehologram.blogspot.fi)
Jul 29, 2020

It is time to assemble a new ascension environment. I promise more Keys of Enoch for recognising.

We have brought the light codes as syllables and light, in an actual rush of drama numbers of the old, incinerating matrix. The arrived new matrix has been born in you. Do you notice? Your relation to the external has changed: The dimension and value of its events, continuums, causalities and correlations. Drama and polarised understanding is collapsing in contest with the need that is trying to define everything with the worn rubber stamps of 'good' and 'bad'. It is not about spiritual search of ease. It is not about ignorance. It is not about becoming blind. It is not even about lack of anything, actually, even if the interest and ability to follow the manifestations of existence were totally absent. Feel closely to your heart. You know if that would be the case.

Most likely it is about readiness to leave the reality landscape of duality still alive for those who need its learning material. This is one crucial sensitivity period when choosing the road to liberation. This is already a great gift of liberation and a chance to examine own beliefs and fulfilled roles. Are they up to date? Do your own thoughts uplift and amplify the frequencies of trust, faith and love, or do they hold them in place, making you go small while pulling you down? Would you vibrate more purely, would you live with a more authentic soul fingerprint, would you become more visible to yourself and others in a more pure and truthful way, if you now would dismantle outdated points of view and give room to new? Is it time to settle into a new observation and experience angle in relation to truth?

What you drum to others, strengthens most in self. The question is: Do you want to strengthen duality and foxholes, or oneness? Do you feel a need to produce observations of extreme counterforces and linear chains, or instead uplift a multidimensional understanding, that what you see and experience is but a projection of a soul level plan, which in itself contains individual soul level and mass projection wide levels.

Because that is how reality works. It is possible to break duality out of its world by accepting the core of it. Ultimately that core can be found only from within self, and that requires diving into a dark point and digging to the bottom. All other external is only marking out the way on this road. Externalisation is also an effective defence to postpone the most painful processes and taking responsibility of own duality and incompleteness. It can give great pleasure for example to watch an external battle between good and bad, while the inner is struggling through a quieter battle of its own, or correspondingly close your eyes from so called shadows completely. Or strengthen your own light by seemingly placing yourself on the side of rightness and light. Choosing sides amplifies duality. So think carefully if you feel a need to change outer circumstances. The outer is an excellent method to be reflected, but it represents the truth as a phase of learning discernment. When your own shadow core is in spotlight, shadow players on the game board of reality will first be emphasised, then will keep you busy, finally unequivocally lose their significance and influence in making observations. Drama can shrink to a theatrical play whose polarity tensions do not any more work as spiritually nourishing ingredients. It all of course 'exists', but, if escorted by realisation or confirmations received, you are reading this now, you probably are able to control yourself how much of it needs still to exist for you. Do you already trust the self control of the process?

This deep change and focusing to light cleanses the whole foundation of existence. Energetically, the old has been dismantled, the foundation is cleaned, now it's time to build. It is time to LIVE and anchor your vibration as that great, purified stream, undertone and high voltage line of consciousness, that flows as One Life through all incarnations, beings and forms of presence in this NOW-moment. The performance pressures and inexplicable inadequateness, sense of responsibility or guilt of this experiencing part of your soul - which often work as a starting nudge to guide to the path of a lightworker - it is time for them to start to go. It is enough that you are enough for yourself and align with reality reflected by your values. That is enough. That is ALL.

Universal love, conscience and trust behind our temporary roles and plans builds Oneness. Oneness is allowing purpose and placing being served by energies. Meeting in humaneness, grace and most of all compassion. Common, balancing, mutually strengthening and nourishing stream of all forms of love and aspects. However it is not accepting everything, or invalidating the limits and needs of one's own or others'. Oneness in its holy simplicity is self-knowing of the soul, through its depths and heights, without definitions or labels thirsted by the ego. In the end matters are very simple, but minds and their uncorking from outdated programming very complicated. The edges and borders of a soul being are in reality, instead of stonewalls, at most like water divides, lines in the sand. Recognising these limits and yet infinities of the soul it is possible to live a life of deepest values of the heart and your own worth.

Channelling Enoch and Por El Eden and their unity-pair-induction consciousness, Mari Metatronica


The responsibility of the Metatronica group as souls is to ignite into the tapestry as a master of light updates, and as guided in the heart. You will feel the resonance and forward aspiring inquisitiveness if you are aware of your souls agreement to renew into rainbow spectrum with us.

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