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Jul 25 2020 - The Rose of Oneness Meditation


Written by Mari Metatronica (universalwhite.weebly.com)
Jul 25, 2020

Universal White Distant Healing Group Session & The Rose of Oneness Meditation: 2020/8/8, 9.00 pm - 11.00 pm

'Universal White' energy flow events begin again.

The nature of our reality is timeless, so you can focus your intention to this at whatever time is best for you, wherever in the world you are. Registering or e.g. committing to Facebook event announcement is also voluntary. Only your intention to participate matters.

In our intention we connect to each other, highest light and at the same time into our core essence. We let the light flow and ignite us to a part of a great flow and into a universal, multidimensional Rose of Oneness. We allow the light and energy serve in its purest way, drop all possible walls, definitions, shells and defences set by the mind, by allowing love and light colour each one of us in our unique way - at the same time touching and lifting also all others and the whole collective and existence with our own light and the wave we create together.

We let the meaningless clatter of thoughts and feelings to quiet down according our ability, and calm down to such a pure, clear point and space of trust where we understand that what serves us most appropriately, the highest most beautiful deepest way is not only possible, but already present. Let your heart and trust lead you freely to this experience, separated from control, doubts and fears of the mind. You might make important observations, that either can be put to words, or not. Grant them the attention and value they deserve.

Be Love, the movement of it. Be the source of it, be the target of it. Be all that, everything and in everything.

Participation in a healing session or flow of energies is open to everyone. Information about the event is free to share and you can invite friends under the guidance of your own heart.

Although the intention is enough to tune in to the energy flow, I will also accept registrations by email (metatronica1111@gmail.com). In this case, it is also possible to verbally express wishes about energies if you deem it necessary. Those who register via email will also receive a reminder of the event shortly before the event.

The treatment is well protected, but if you wish, you can ask Archangel Michael and your own Guardian Angels and Guides to protect and guide the event - let everyone do this in their own words, in the usual way.

I act in the healing session as an open energy channel and according to the will of the highest essence of each recipient, conveying activating, cleansing, transforming, healing, opening and protective energy healing in the name of the highest best. I do not frame the progress of the healing session or its energies in any way in advance.

Listen to yourself and your feelings. You may receive valuable information for yourself and your phase during the flow by seeing, hearing, feeling, or as internal messages.

If you wish, you can bring your own crystals or stones to activate.

If meditation is familiar, follow a silence like this to unlock your intuition. If you feel too restless and thoughts are gaining attention instead of a pure presence, instead be Awake, Sentient, breathe in focus and thus anchor your consciousness to the Now-Moment or to things that spontaneously rise to your consciousness during the healing session. If you fall asleep, nothing will pass. Falling asleep during a healing session can boost the flow of energy. While sleeping the walls of the mind are down.

Plenty of ingested water before and after will stimulate the movement of your energies. Listen to your body and its needs. Give your own internal guiding the most value.

May the energies come to You to meet your needs.


The responsibility of the Metatronica group as souls is to ignite into the tapestry as a master of light updates, and as guided in the heart. You will feel the resonance and forward aspiring inquisitiveness if you are aware of your souls agreement to renew into rainbow spectrum with us.

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