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Feb 2 2018 - Light-Droplet Children


Channeled by Mari Metatronica (elvisavislivehologram.blogspot.fi)
February 2, 2018

We are spelling the third tower. The third tower will be connected to the two others, to form a start triangle in the twine as a task an a responsibility. This twine, when ready, is a cosmic portal formed by three towers.

The task includes the started activating of new star seeds:

New star seeds have been taking shape in even congested essences as Trojans of Light, electrifying with codes of light. However, today I talk of children, having arrived into skins, pure, blossoming flowers of evolution already at birth, whose sensitivity is to emerge in a special way. Included in these ways are to be born with a handicap, different brain-children and special children electrified against the norms you know.

The constructing tower is for responsibility bearers a sort of calling and life work, that will be nourished of pearls of unselfishness. The supported process is guided to be concretised. We will bring knowledge of this as progress steps make their marks on the path of evolution plan.

Those pure Light-droplet children, of which I now pour information, are often quiet in their great light. Their job is not to act in a visible way. The most important porting earth to love happens with energies. These coming lifters and already of love filling are the administrators of this cosmic tunnel. We avoid classifications, but this, as a support for your understanding, is necessary. When expanding, their effect will reach to touch as a magnificent consciousness or light several souls in addition to the collective. Some of these lives, forming in relation to answers, will not be supported even to youth. I mirror comments that you wish to present: A perfect life can also be short and hidden, sparing in the number of answers.

In the circle of our spellings, great masters shall be twined, that global ascension has planned for the work, and tested readinesses correspond to spells needed. Trust; the responsibilities are in the best of hands.

The portal twine will acquire strength from the falling rain of light. Our task spells the blossomings of the administrators of the towers – not only to grand essences in your current point in time, but in the activating of their energy footprints from here to past and from here to future: The whole quota of those joining in the twine will roll to the power of ascension. This tower is the brightest mirror of the rising of the cosmic portal.

Look at these Light-droplet children. Feel the new.

- Its will most onenessless, to children and their light congested, Metatron



The responsibility of the new intertwined Metatronica group as souls is to ignite to the power of that magnifient group in the tapestry, deal with the rush as master of light upgrades, as is guided in the heart.

As doubter one hinders those purely supported. As reluctant to many supported, presented subjects, to our lines of information, it is not your mission to renew by plan to our rainbow spectrum here. You feel the resonance, forward aspiring hunger of knowledge when you acknowledge the agreement of your soul.

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