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Aug 13 2017 - From Acquiescent to Doer - Understanding the Puppet Circus


Channeled by Mari Metatronica (elvisavislivehologram.blogspot.fi)
August 13, 2017

Dark clouds have rolled from over you and released their tensions to renew into a pure sunshine of evolution. An electrifying air mass is also the idea in the time of soot, or the time of unclean burning.

There is always a great light potential in the Gate. However, the most important thing to realise is that it is not a requirement but a possibility. The Gate is an opening possibility to advancement, renewal and expanding deeper in one's path.

The mind and beliefs limit views insidiously. A threatening, open atmosphere in your threatening with threats realities will prepare to see behind threatening with threats: On the other hand, fears need to be feared in order to expand, to be based on a new understanding of reality and to start to understand, that the strings of the puppet performance always and without exception lead to somewhere else than the visible part, or somewhere beyond your receivers. Even more, understand that the visible has invisible or guided to be hidden roots. This applies to everything that is meant by forms taken by energy. Even energy itself can take on forms of energy. The undertone of everything is energy.

My speech can be interpreted only by one's own inner definition twine, which is like your own, self-trained dictionary of your experiences and properties actively affecting your soul. Therefore you cannot be effectively guided behind definitions and words, because you do not know what exists there. The mind does not have a target for its lasso. Because of this, light codes stream from every syllable.

I will get back to puppets. It is your liberty to apply this parable from society structures to your responsibility sighs. You will relate everything to bridges between observations produced by your understanding, consciousness and beliefs.

Outsourcing? No. The sigh of separating from responsibility will outsource your responsibility. You would get off easily if you could put the opening consciousness back to sleep to this. It is an important phase, but still just one milestone. To ashes along with fear will the need to control go. As feelings will deeply renew, as fear polarity withers, as definitions crumble, the freedom to create will be reached. No further shall I go into reality bubbles now, you will find it as a completed bite here, but I will talk about graduating to fitness:

Readiness points are a thing, granted to a promising potential - acknowledging strings, twined skeins behind manifestations - that are from a higher NOW-moment, as responsibility, to be polished complete. Acknowledging is starting to be supported with potentiating forces, as the metatronic gatekeeper I have often repeated is more apt to serve than the mind underlining duality gatekeeper. Examine the strings and guiding entities behind the puppets. It is a gate that does not look for a date, formations of forms, great hullabaloo, continuous expectation, getting ready, performance or exercise with energy equipment in form. It does not demand. The greatest gate are you Yourself.

- In balls of yarn to One winding, Ēl Metatron



The responsibility of the new intertwined Metatronica group as souls is to ignite to the power of that magnifient group in the tapestry, deal with the rush as master of light upgrades, as is guided in the heart.

As doubter one hinders those purely supported. As reluctant to many supported, presented subjects, to our lines of information, it is not your mission to renew by plan to our rainbow spectrum here. You feel the resonance, forward aspiring hunger of knowledge when you acknowledge the agreement of your soul.

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